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Right now I am writing an article about my two words for 2020.


Into the second one, I also count my personal fitness. And therefore I would say I follow these words quite intense right now.

Keeping myself fit not only makes me feel better and probably look better. It also makes me more productive and more creative. I can write better because I also can focus better.

And dang it's fun.

After having that kick, I could sometimes probably write for hours.


I admit it, I am a hoarder. Ok, not in a material way, but with some mail account I am.

The good thing about it was I could today feel again the joy of digital minimalism. I cleaned out a mailbox with like 3000 mails.

A tactic for this is simple. Delete everything that is older than one year. Nobody will ever need that. (Probably you can delete anything anyways, but I am not that brave...)

The hard part comes now, maintaining that clean state. I have a daily routine in my workday which I use to maintain some order, where I am approving and signing stuff. From now on this just has another checkpoint; doing email for 5 - 10 minutes.

If you haven't heard it, you will hear it now; Minimalism is simple, but not easy.

See you tomorrow!


It's been quite some time that I am sitting in the tram writing. When it's empty this can be relaxing. The same goes for writing in a train.

I am on my way home from having dinner.

Before going there I was finishing my workout and I really have to say I love that Freeletics stuff. Their app is adapting to you and your progress and I have never thought that bodyweight training can be such fun.

I have never felt the same progress as I do right now.

This routine really pays. Even if I have to pay for the app first. This belongs to the keeping things simple, stupid part.

Who am I to think I know a lot about a good workout routine? I let the app decide what I should train today. The have done their homework. I don't want to sit down and put together a workout plan.

And I don't mind paying the price for the app, as I am doing something for myself and to keep myself healthy and fit. And sane as well, as I can reduce a lot of stress with the training.


I am thinking about what is one thing that I could recommend to everybody.

It is not tracking your time or health. It is not using a todo list. It is not working out.

It is simple, it costs nothing and everybody can do it; reflecting yourself.

Self reflection is the most powerful thing I know.

Reflecting about the things that I did or didn't do and the reasons behind it, made me a better person. And it calms my mind. I am asking myself all of this questions:

  • Why did I do that?
  • Could I have it done different?
  • Have I harmed somebody with it?
  • Have I been honest in what I said?
  • Would I do it again?
  • What would I do different next time?
  • What was going on in my head at that time?
  • and more...

It helps me clarifying things in my head as well as a on paper when I am reflecting with the help of a journal. It helps me going down some rabbit holes without beginning over and over again.

And if I have written it down, if my thoughts have come to an end; I don't need to think it again. I can turn around and fall to sleep again.


I consider my productivity system quite good.

It grew from simple to complex. And now to even more simple.

I don't have labels or energy levels anymore. I just have a list of tasks for each day, that I should really really do. Not more, not less.

And the great thing about it is, it even works on paper. Paper has something calming. It has something really intentional.

Sure, I am a tech guy. I love the advantage of speed and flexibility. But a piece of paper is simple and yet effective and more flexible than anything else.

I don't need to switch tabs, it doesn't have battery issues or anything else. It doesn't blink and beep while I am trying to focus.

Sure, all the digital stuff has it's advantages. But when I really want to calm down and reflect, a piece of paper can become so beautiful.

Now I will put the iPad aside and write my todo list for tomorrow on an index card. Expect a detail explanation this week.