Life writes the best stories. But some of them are just better kept in my journal.

So, I have to come up with something different...

Management is everybody's task, that's a good topic. If you know me, then you know also that I am deep into Agile topics and also Management 3.0.

And one of the baselines there is that management is everybody's duty, not only of the manager. Every single team member is needed for that.

For example, taking care about the code quality in a development organization. Do you think if it is enough if I tell people; "Hey guys, it would be really nice, if you could from now on, just write good code?"

Well, sadly it does not work like that. And it also doesn't work by yelling at them that they should do so. Instead, this is a team effort. People that are just complaining about the situation are not helpful either. It needs people to take leadership of such a topic and the right amount of freedom and empowerment.

Even that is only the start point... Endurance and consistency is needed there. If this people tell the organization once to write better code it has the same effect as if the manager him or herself does it.

Like with everything, it's not a state that's just there. It needs work, it is a process.

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