I am not sure if I have mentioned it in the past, but currently I am working on a little side project. It's a telegram chatbot.

My goal with it is to automate some tasks and get some things done quicker.

For example, it has the possibility to query my weekly plan and tell me about which food I have to cook on which day.

But the bigger part is the tracking that I want to implement. I am logging away some stats, like written words and so on in Excel sheets. It would be way more interesting and pleasent, if I could just tell my bot that I have written 300 words and be done with it.

The most interesting part for me is, that I can easily write commands and get creative with data, without the need to develop any kind of graphical interface and still be able to use it on every device.

It doesn't matter if I message the bot on the phone, on the tablet or on my PC. It's the same everywhere.

And for me it's less awkward than talking to Siri in public.

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