Today I was joining a Zoom meeting where someone was wearing a chicken costume... Well, I think it has to do something with carnival... Who knows?

I am currently working on some restructuring which also should make sense for the future. I haven't thought yet about chicken costumes or stuff like that, but that brings me to a point I have thought quite often about; the human-ness.

When people start working remote or thinking about "allowing" home office they fear to lose what's good about the office and how to simulate that.

The virtual water cooler for example. But that's not what people missing. Everybody can just start a Slack or Zoom call with somebody else on the other side of the planet, but the question remains if you will also do it.

The tools and possibilities are not the problem, the culture and the routine behind it is. And there it doesn't help announce another virtual water cooler initiative.

Back to the future...