I just watched the documentary The Game Changers about an a athlete that was looking for a way to improve his healing process where he stumbled across the plant-based diet.

The science proves it, the examples prove it again... if you are interested, here is a link.

I experienced the same. I am working out the last 10 years in a more or less consistent manner. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always only with average success.

My thinking was the same; I need proteins, from animals, of course.

But if you just think about it, where do animals get their proteins from? Right! From plants. And since I understood that and follow a plant-based diet, the results sky-rocketed.

Therefore, it may be effective to eat meat. But it's not efficient, it's not healthy and it's also not sustainable at all.

83 percent of all farming land worldwide is only used for livestock. It's not used directly to house animals like cows, pigs and chicken, but to grow the food for them and also to get rid of their waste...

Think about it.

Here is another link to a great movie.

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