I have several ideas on how to continue this experiment, challenge, or however you would call it, but none of them are final yet.

The year of daily writing is nearly over.

Maybe I will just extend it a bit with a daily picture of whatever or will look for a certain word count to make the challenge harder.

Another thing that I am currently thinking about would be a weekly co-focus session. I realized that I sometimes find it hard to sit alone in the office and work focused on a side project. Sometimes even procrastination kicks in. When my girlfriend is also in the office in the evening, it's easier.

So what it would be just a Zoom meeting with some folks, camera turned on, some light talk or even silence and everybody focuses on their side project. You wouldn't sit there alone anymore, you would have some likeminded people around you.

If you would also find that valuable, drop me a message or tweet at me.

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