Always when I have ...

a) not that much creative energy

b) too much stuff that I don't want to write about

c) another excuse and actually would prefer to not write

... I am typing into google "days since 05 12 19", which should give me the result for how long I am publishing in a row.

Drum roll... It's 320 days. Well, that's a lot. About 320 high quality articles, more or less. 320 ideas. 320 times I got my ass up and published at least something.

But that also makes me realize another point; There are not that many days left in 2020. Again, after consulting google, it's 73 days, depending on when you read this.

That's not that much. Have I reached my goals? Am I on track? Is it too late now?

Let me tell you, it doesn't make sense to tie your goals to a certain year number. Because if you haven't reached it by now, chances are high you will just push them to 2021 and be suprised again next year in fall.

You can start any time of the year, any time of the day. Don't restrict yourself with a calender.

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