Ladies and Gentleman, it's Sunday. Whatever that should tell you.

Today I thought quite a bit about this article. How it describes the phases we go through when thinking or better said caring about productivity.

First, it is always the "checking off" todo lists as fast as possible. Being efficicent in what we do. Ordering, prioritizing and so on.

Hopefully you already made it to the second wave, where itentionality comes in. Questioning what you, or what to do first, making a bigger impact with lesser effort.

And finally the third wave; What to do with all the time you now freed up through being productive? What's your why? Why are you doing this and where is the meaning in all of this.

For me reaching stage three was and still is the hardest part. Defining your own meaning, define what you want to accomplish in your life.

And I also think, this is a ongoing process. Because; I evolve, my relationships evolve and also the world around us evolves.

Just look at it: Most of the great plans and resolutions you had for 2020 have been probably crashed by a little pandemic.

Enough philosophy for today, it's time to get something to eat and plan next week.

Back to the future...