I need to write a little more today hence my girlfriend asked me to take some time. She wants to take a nap on the couch before we go to bed. Well, ok.

Since some weeks I am (except when on vacation) I wrote down my daily schedule every day in my notebook. Afterwards I marked every entry with a text-marker in one of three colors:

  • Yellow for work: a single task or a group of tasks that I planned to work on in that given amount of time
  • Green for margin: unplanned time that I use as a buffer or for planned breaks. They are mostly not negotiable and won't ever be used for meetings. I defend them with my life.
  • Pink for meetings: Whenever I meet with people, be it virtual or in real life.

Before, I went on vacation it relatively yellow. It was a lot of time and effort to get there to minimize the time I spend in meetings.

Who could imagine that people don't like when you tell them you won't be part of their meeting any longer because you don't think it has any value?

As you can see, I am not doing this for fun. The colors are chosen by purpose. My eyes get annoyed by pink, so I am trying to have as fewer meetings as possible.

Well, this week most of my pages were filled with pink color. Be it because everybody wants to catch up after vacation or because I just wasn't quick enough with blocking out my time.

Enough of work.

As a grown-up I rarely get the chance to play with Lego, so today in the evening I re-arranged my desk a bit and took the monitor arm apart because I only wanted to use one monitor to see how it goes.

Now my desk is a bit more minimal again. Here is an article about single monitor productivity.

To be honest I haven't read the whole article by now, but I can definitely second the parts about productivity and also can share the feedback about ultra wide screens. I also asked myself there; what's important enough to put it here and there?

After playing with my desk setup for a while I prepared dinner with my girlfriend, and we enjoyed a great evening with some snacks and a few rounds of Yahtzee.

I guess that's enough.

Back to the future...