Lately I am very annoyed with consumerism on my end. Mostly in the digital world.

It's not that I am spending all day with social media, or scrolling excessively, still it feels too much for me. Or better said, the use doesn't feel intentional for me. It doesn't add any value.

Just doing another digital detox also won't solve the issue. Then I will just go back after some days.

The problems needs to be solved, not be masked. I still get value from it. In form of entertainment, inspiration, communication and so on. But there is just too much noise.

I need to put some effort into that. Therefore I've gone through the people I follow and reduced that from about 150 to less than 50 people. Also my newsletter consumption had to be downsized. If I want those newsletters again I can sign up again.

This needs some more discovery. I am not done there.

Back to the future...