"Are you vegan or normal?" we got asked this morning as we entered the breakfast room.

Let's get back a bit to answer that question. Since now 1.5 weeks we are on a trip through Germany that we have mostly planned around vegan restaurants and hotels.

Right now we are in Berlin. We have been at a Italian restaurant yesterday and today we just roamed around Berlin and also have visited the supermarket by the Veganz brand. And they even have Manner cereals. I am excited how they taste as cereals.

But back to topic, vegan or normal.

I guess in Berlin this is not really a question, it feels like the vegan hotspot in Germany. In over German cities, especially near our hometown it can be quiet hard to get something to eat as a vegan, but here it's the most normal thing in the world.

For around 8 months I stopped eating animal products and for now almost 20 months I stopped eating meat. So maybe I am still a beginner. But for me it became the new normal.

I personally could not think back into old patterns. Before I was eating lots and lots of meat. Like 500 grams and more each day. But I never ever looked at the meat as I do now. I was looking at it as material. Material that brought me proteins.

Now I wouldn't ever consider eating meat again. I am looking at it in a different manner. It's something that had a life. Something that thought. Something that dreamed.

And I am not gonna make the decision that my life (and my taste) is more important than the animals life.

Back to the future...