North Sea, now Baltic Sea.

Again a day on the road. Plus we visited the city of Lübeck. Initally the plan was only to get some waffles there.

And yes, finally we got them.

According to my girlfriend they didn't live up to the hype, but that's nearly impossible if you are craving for vegan waffles since nearly a year.

More suprising we discovered a fairly new restaurant on the way to the waffle shop. It's called "Erbse", which translates to pea. It has vegan version of all typical fast food. Like Currywurst, Döner and all the good stuff that you give up when you stop eating animal products.

I tried the curryvurst (with V). I don't like the stuff that tries to be like meat. It's good for people maybe in the beginning or that have a hard time refraining from certain dishes, but mostly it doesn't taste well. The curryvurst didn't taste like this meat replacements at all and was really tasty.

And of course we had to taste some other stuff to, I mean we are on a mission, aren't we? Here is their happy cow page.

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