I am sitting on a ferry on the way back from Amrum, a small island in the North Sea. It takes quite a while to get there and also to get home.

So why not use the time to write...

On the way to Amrun
On the way to Amrun

It was a great day. We rented two bikes and discovered most of the island by it. We rested a bit on the northern point and sat in the sand, it's beautiful there.

When you are going north, or better said close to the sea you mostly expect not getting too much vegan food. Normally there is even a cafe serves vegan waffles, which my girlfriend is craving for since the start of our trip. Of course the had their rest day on Wednesday, again no waffles... If you are lucky and not visiting Amrum on a Wednesday, here is their website.

Instead we had some pasta in a small restaurant near the beach, nothing too fancy.

Here are some impressions:

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