Options. Choices.

We have so many choices today. Every day new tv shows are coming up, new stars are born on the internet, now movies are in the making, new "funny" or interesting social media accounts.

When I am opening Netflix to watch a movie, a have to set a timer to be able to decide for a movie until the timer goes off. And sometimes then I don't know what to watch.

We un-learned to commit to something. We often say "yeah, maybe". Especially for appointments.

For many people it goes that far, they are waiting until the last moment to cancel an event. They just found something more interesting. A better series on Netflix.

This is fine as long as it doesn't hurt someone. But think about when you make such a decision.

Don't be that guy or gal that let's somebody lurch in the last minute. Just because you discovered, you don't want to. People will stop taking you for granted.

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