21:26 It's quite unlikely that I write this post on my MacBook. So I have to admit another weakness of mine:

Whenever there is a new release of either iOS or also MacOS it gets harder and harder to withstand the temptation. And yes, it has bitten my ass at least once.

I am not very patient when it comes to new features. Just look at the list, what's coming to MacOS, wouldn't you want that too?

Of course you don't need it ;) When it comes to upgrading to Betas or even Alphas, I have one simple rule; Don't do it on your primary device, which you would need in an emergency.

If this MacBook would break, well, yeah, I would need to restore it in a day. If my phone would break and I could not receive a call from someone in a bad situation that would be way worse.

So my phone stays beta free. Always.

Back to the future...