21:34 Good evening, finally the day comes to an end.

The plan was this evening to take care of my blog. Well, plans can be useless, but planning is everything.

This quote exists in a lot of forms, a lot of people have said it, a lot of people have interpreted it. Here is mine...

You can wake up each day and do nothing and it can be a great day, maybe something will happen to you, good or bad. Some people will even say, you cannot the change the way life goes.

Maybe it is like that. Maybe everything happens for a particular reason, maybe not. I don't know. That smarter people with more time can figure out. My belief is the answer is between that.

There are things you can change, and there are things you cannot change. The stoic mindset says, you should only care about things you are in control of. Only give a fuck about things in your reach.

But still there is value in planning, even if you have no control. You can set yourself up for success. If you plan your sucessful day, chances are a lot higher you will reach your goal, or at least a part of it. If you plan your day and you are getting good at it, you will automatically plan for failure and distractions as well.

If you don't plan anything, you are mindlessly working into the day and won't ever reach a state of done. You won't know if and what you have accomplished.

Does that make sense?

Back to the future...