20:10 Well, till now I couldn't really make that habit last. I am looking at the excel sheet I am filling with the words and the times I am writing. Barely half of the time I made it to write before 8 AM.

But I will keep trying. Tomorrow is a new chance.

It was a good weekend. Not only eating this time. It was good to unplug my head a bit.

This week I want to get back into my blog and all around it a bit again. Figure out some missing pieces on what I talked about last week.

And also increase the quality of this stuff here.

Yesterday I have only written like 33 words and it was alright, everything else would have just been trying hard to push out something. I had a really good time and writing on this day just didn't have a priority.

Tomorrow I should be back to normal, so see you before 8 AM.

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