20:14 The coffee this morning was good, still I prefer pour over coffee. Yes, I am a hipster coffee snob.

After grocery shopping and stuff like that I mowed the lawn and continued with some audio books.

Last week I already wrote that I am not really happy with the status of my blog over danielhauck.net. Information and knowledge is there, but it's not structured and only hard to find what I am looking for myself. Well, I need to do something about that. I thought about summarizing and treating all of that as a book.

The next thought was why not take part in Nanowrimo again. The next thought was, why not stream it live. The next thought was, why should I wait until November to do so, and why should I also only stream the writing itself and not the stuff happening before that, like the planning and outlining of the book. I also would need to figure out a way to get through all of my content.

I will keep you posted.

Back to the future...