22:06 It's late already, so yes, it is a fail. The day started a bit hectic and I needed to drive to the office, so excuses after excuses. In the end I didn't get up when the alarm went off, my fault.

Being at the office felt weird, since such a long time and I initially had planned to just stay there until noon. In the end I was at home five minutes to three.

Fifty percent of the employees would be allowed to go back to the office, but I guess it was closer to 20 percent. Why should they, it's safer to stay at home, and more comfortable as well, considering my schedule.

On the other hand I can also clearly see some people are having issues with the home office situation, as it's still kind of forced isolation. It's nicer to have the choice, also maybe to work from a cafe or something alike. In India there is still the lockdown effective, so for my colleagues there the situation is worse.

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