Yesterday was a long day. But a nice one too.

In the middle of the day, when I made a coffee for my girlfriend and me we sat down in our office and I read another article in the book Daily Rituals. For a habit and routine nerd like me it's fascinating to see how the smartest and most creative people have spend their days.

It's not a breakthrough in science or work psychology, but the more I read in this book or also in general over the last few years, one thing is clear; You are not getting successful by spending eight hours of a day working. Sitting your ass eight hours of a day in chair and ignoring the world outside won't do you any good. The world around you sparks creativity and helps you solve problems.

The biggest issues in my personal and professional life have not been solved in the moment when I sat on my ass. It was when I was walking, when I was outside.

The artists, scientists and other people in the book all have their deep work periods of some hours. For example Thomas Mann was working from nine to noon and his children where forbidden to make any noise so that he can focus.

Back to the future...