Saturday morning, 08:34 AM and it's not really the first thing I am doing in the morning. I already read some news, made a coffee, started the update to iOS 14 on my iPad and something here and there.

So, according to the books, it's not a success, but that's fine. It's a process.

Other than that, today we will have some visitors. A friend is coming for lunch and others are in the evening. So this weekend is packed.

That's another reason why writing in the morning wins over any other time of the day. It's the same reason, I always do my workout in the morning. It's done.

How often I couldn't fully enjoy evenings, because I knew that had to punch a few words into my blog. That's were the spiral starts, then showing up every day becomes a burden and annoying. It's hard, that is fine. But why not make your life easier?

Yesterday I registered for hey.com to check their new mail service. I will have look into it. See you tomorrow.

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