You know these mornings where you just feel like you have been hit with a shovel? This mostly gets better by working out, breathing some fresh air, get some movement.

Since mid of December I am working out 5 days every week, with a few days break after 12 weeks.

And still there are some days like today, where I waste time to find an excuse to not work out on that day. I could save a lot of time and energy in just not doing that and just get my ass up and start .

Enough whining. Somebody needs to do that workout.

Yesterday, after finishing work and dinner, we have been again out and taking care of the garden or better said the lawn. It took quite some hours and effort, but I think we are getting there.

It's a good compensation for sitting all day in front of a screen. The lawn doesn't discuss with and it's as mindless task, where I just can turn off my head for a while.

Back to the future...