What a beginner mistake. I forgot to turn on my alarm, now it's already 07:06.

Another topic I need / want to do is redefining success for myself. What does success for my routine mean? I would say I am pretty good at sticking to my routine and adapting it. But to grow, I need to adapt it to circumstances and goals.

Let me give you an example; Right now I want to implement the habit of getting up at 06:15 writing my daily blog and increase the quality of my everyday writing.

Which criteria makes a day a success?

  • When I wrote as a first thing of the day?
  • When I wrote before 8?
  • When I got to bed at around a certain time?
  • When I didn't scroll through social media before I start writing?
  • Did I get up when the alarm rings?

And even that has to be adapted.

For now personally my criteria is writing before 8 AM and writing as the first thing of the day. That will stay like this for at least another 2 weeks.

A habit is only as good as is its foundation. When you are telling yourself you can do it all at once, you will definitely fail.

A good example is working out; Telling yourself you will workout every day the next seven days without any experience or routine will harm you and you won't stick to it. Start slowly, start with 3 days a week and don't overdo it, take breaks.

Build your new habit, your new routine on a strong foundation. It pays in the long run.

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