The alarm goes off, my feet touch the ground. Today it was nearly like that, I turned around once and got up one minute later. It's 06:25.

Yesterday was an interesting day, I had a interesting conversation about recruiting. More and more companies are getting the fact that it doesn't make sense to push people into roles. Instead that they need to figure out, or even better ask the people what they really want to do and then see if that's a fit for the role, or if they can even build something for them.

My approach is quite similar there. Yes, I am looking for developers, but in every interview I ask the people what they really want to do. Only because I hire the girls and guys as backend developer, doesn't mean the only thing they are allowed to do is backend development. People need to be able and also challenged to grow and change. Life is change. I would be afraid if someone wants to do the exact same job 5 years later.

That's the only sustainable way of recruitment and employing people.

Today the first thing I did was writing, besides brushing my teeth and drinking a glass of water. And yes it works way better.

It should be around 200 days that I am writing every day and I could bet if I would do an analysis on the quantity of words and maybe another metrics like flesh reading test, the articles that I have written in the morning are way above the ones written in the night time.

I will put this on my calendar for mid of July. Then I got some data for this as well.

Back to the future...