Happy afternoon, it's 2 PM on a Sunday, quite early for me to write.

Like I have already written yesterday I am currently listening to a book called Overlap by Sean McCabe. He is pointing out some good practices to stay on track.

In the past half year quite a lot of things changed in my life, personal and professional and this has thrown my routines over a lot. I am not writing regularly anymore, at least no "real" articles. Something I would like to go back to.

Sean is suggesting to wake up early and sit down to write as the first thing to do. Sounds appealing, as your brain is not numbed by the day already, which is at least for me really a problem recently.

When I start writing in the evening it's hard for me to stick to a thought or often even to have a single clear thought on what to write.

Another thing, which was clear for me, is to track the results.

Back to the future...