Welcome to the gardening show. NO, just kidding.

Today I spent most of the time outside, mowing the lawn, shouting at kids to get of my lawn, giving strangers an evil eye. A usual day living on the countryside. Yes, I am kidding.

I really start liking this, it's really grounding and calming and it has become a nice side project. Looking up what you need and what has which result and so on. Something that you are doing for yourself and nobody is watching or you are not getting rated for.

While being outside I have continued to listen to Overlap, a book by Shawn McCabe and it reminded me of some really good things. And one thing will be again, to start the day with writing. So from tomorrow on, I will try to write this blog again in the morning and track my output. I will do a little comparison after a few weeks.

Back to the future...