I got a little addition today to my network at home: pi-hole

It may be a bit technical today... Ok, do you like ads? I guess not. Yes, I get it some people live from ads, but that is very short-sighted. I would prefer to have a stable income instead that isn't tied to people not knowing what an ad-blocker is.

Most probably you already have an adblocker installed in your browser, if not, I would recommend you to do so. Ads on the internet steal you a lot of time and attention.

If you need one for your browser check Adblock Plus.

Sadly there are some devices where you cannot just install an Adblocker on, so-called smart devices, like a TV, or also inside apps, it's not that easy.

And there comes in pi-hole. Pi-hole is a little application that you install in your network, that blocks out all advertisements. This doesn't only save your sanity, time and attention. It also saves your download rate, because it doesn't block the ads at the time of downloading them, it blocks the ads at the time of calling for them (simply said).

I have it installed since 7 PM and since then I am basically ad-free. Here and there something comes through, but in 95 % of cases it works.

Definitely, check out Pi-hole, it's worth a look.

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