It feels like progress!

Today I continued on some online course about data science, or better said about data engineering on datacamp.com.

I wanted to dig deeper into this field and also learn some new stuff as I had to learn my knowledge isn't that fresh anymore. I build some little things with a tool called Airflow, but enough of that. I will continue on that, hopefully tomorrow and maybe even write about it (let's see).

Currently I am running from top priority to top priority and guess what, that's makes it extremely hard to focus on a single thing. I mean you can just look at the publishing frequency of my normal blog, nada, nothing.

There needs to be a change, I need to find more focus, to produce some meaningful outcome.

Yesterday I wrote a bit about timeblocking, or timeboxing. On that I made some progress. Well...

I jumped from digital to analog, just to make it more intentional. I wanted to make it a bit more fun and eye pleasing, so I have thrown some color into it. I will share a picture of it tomorrow.

Back to the future...