From work perspective this week was one of the hardest I had in years. Right now, I am not writing code or maintaining systems anymore. But I am responsible for the people that do. So in the end I am responsible for the result.

I know this kind of situations now very well from both sides, active and passive. I cannot tell which is harder. Being actively doing something and trying to hit the deadline or be the psychologist / caretaker / defender / listener / mediator and everything that just helps a little.

In the past I have written an article about what happens now, it's basic math. This week I didn't get to work on my usual topics. Not only my tasks are affected by the last week, so is my mental state.

After a 60 hour+ work week you are not waking up on Monday and get back to normal again. You have to catch up, you have to get back to your usual routine. That takes time. That costs energy, energy that I could have spent differently.

We need to learn something from this.

But now to something nicer. My new place.

I am so glad that I am here, especially in this kind of situations. The world around me is so calming. To get into the green it's just a step out of the door.

Working in the garden is so fulfilling and calming. As a tech guy or manager I am not that often working with my hands and the "only" movement I get is my daily workout routine.

Getting outside and just listening to the world; the leafs, the insects, the wind.

Back to the future...