Before we start today, please consider watching this video:

I was watching a webinar about one of my favorite topics; MARGIN.

Isaac Smith, one of the hosts, had an interesting point: Margin is not luxury. And as long as you don't think that margin is necessary, you will never be able to integrate it as a part of your life.

In today's world we are all busy and overwhelmed;

  • at work
  • meeting friends
  • going out for dinner
  • scrolling social media
  • keeping up with all the movies and series on Netflix
  • always need to do "something" and be "working"

And yes, if you think about it, probably you think the rich people have figured it out. They can lay back and relax and enjoy their margin. It could be further from the truth. Margin is for everybody.

And in my opinion you cannot accomplish that much in your life without giving yourself margin. Only by maintaining a certain amount of margin, you have the time and energy to do something extra ordinary.

If you are interested in learning more about margin, you should definitely check out the margin course or read what this brilliant guy has to say.

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