Cleaning, painting, arranging and more. And going out for dinner.

Another long day, but a good one and I will fall asleep quickly today. I still like such days, they are grounding as you keep moving most of the time which is quite unusual for a tech guy like me.

Besides that today I read again the blog of Josh Snyman, which I got to know through minimalism.

Now he had some kind of a carnivore diet going on (he only eats meat).

I am still on a vegan diet, but his article makes me think and yes I agree with this:

The carnivore diet, in its essence, is the most simplistic way of eating. It’s the Via Negativa — addition by subtraction — method of restoring ancestral health. It is a the ultimate Stoic approach to eating well. It removes unnecessary choices in the face of your goals.

I mean, yes, an animal in its natural habitat doesn't eat shit, like sweets and tons of wheat. And here comes the but, but the world wide live stock feeds animals just with shit. So that they grow faster, bigger and produce more meat.

Luckily he doesn't stop there and also addresses this point:

Whether you’re vegan, paleo, low-carb, keto, or an intermittent faster — I’m sure we can all agree that whole foods, with little or no additives, are generally a better option than packaged bullshit from corporations that are wrecking havoc on our topsoil (and bodies) in the name of profit.

No matter what you are doing; Don't stuff too much processed shit in your face.

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