Good evening, let's talk about food.

Today we have been at a burger restaurant called "Hans im Glück". It's fairly popular here in Germany, I mean alone in Stuttgart there are 4 or 5 of them.

They have like 6(?) vegan options. That's good and yes, it was tasty. But what I learned in the last year of being veg and even more since I completely avoid animal products is that everything that tries to act like a replacement won't ever compare with something that is made on purpose.

Not clear? Let me explain. Take some sweet potato mash and try to make it taste like grilled beef.

You have to use a ton of spices, and fat, and oils and bla bla bla. And it won't ever taste like meat. Why? Because it's no meat. And that's a good thing.

Why don't just focus on making something better out of the sweet potato with some spices and maybe some other vegetables.

Stealing from the meat burgers is fine, but trying to replicate it 1-on-1 won't work and it can also be a waste of time.

Back to the future...