I bougth chairs, yey. Ok, enough about that for today.

Today I will have a farewell drink with the guys from the apartment. Let's see how that is going to end. ;) A reflection of the time in Le WG may come at some other time.

Times are still tough and there is not that much breathing room at the moment. Planning and thoughtful scheduling helps here to not let little things freak you out.

And that's I think a big misconception about a strict time management. Everybody thinks you plan out every second of your day for maximum productivity. For me it's more about being intentional an limiting the time where I need to be super productive. In my calendar, or in the plan I create every Sunday evening, you will find a lot of "down time" where I am not working.

I plan time to watch movies or series, I plan time to go out in the park. Because otherwise, if this time is not blocked or scheduled, it may come short.

That's what time management is also about; living and enjoying the margin.

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