There are days or weeks where so many things happened, but especially then it can be hard to know what to write about. Just too many things to tell or sometimes things you cannot tell, or don't want to tell.

For this very moments, I keep lists and definitions. For example, this list of topics I want to write about that I made up some days or weeks (?) ago:

Or there is a topic in my todo list that I wanted to tackle. But sometimes it's even enough, when I open up the photos app and take a look at my last shots:

This was a restaurant we tried for the first time, and I am wondering if they had open before. But anyways, if you are vegan and living in Stuttgart, you definitely need to try Super Jami. The food was really delicious and the great thing is, all of their bags and containers are compostable. So no plastic.

Last but not least I got a great sticker for my iPad for free ;)

Well, let's call it a day ;)

Back to the future...