From tomorrow on it's one week. One week and then I will not call Stuttgart my home anymore.

A while back it was like 50 days, that felt like there never wouldn't be an end to it.

Now, it's 8 days.

It's a decision that I made I am happy with it. Still it makes me think back when I came here.

On the 19th February 2015 I moved to Stuttgart. Back then as a System Engineer. I will come to Stuttgart to work sometimes, but it won't be my home anymore.

On one hand I wanted to move in with my girlfriend, on the other hand moving near the center of the city was one step too much for me.

I really like the city, sit in a cafe and watch the world around me, but having that 24/7 I don't prefer anymore.

Also the minimalist inside me likes the idea of living in a way calmer area. You don't step out of the house and have the possibility for instant consumption.

I am procrastinating ;) Right now I am sitting on getting back into GatsbyJS for a project that I am working on.

Back to the future...