22:31:01 - You see how great the current challenge is running...

I mean, yes, technically I totally failed until now. But that's why it's called challenge to see how I can adapt. I am still not on social media, but the no-screen rule after 10 PM I fail nearly every day.

Maybe I just need to adapt my schedule differently. But enough on that.

Let's talk a bit about minimalism. I am living in this room for nearly 10 months and moved in here with not more stuff than what fit into my trunk. I came from a 100 square meter flat, so I needed to size down drastically. But still after sizing down and not acquiring that much stuff, except a lot of new books, I went trough my room and threw out quite some things.

As I said before, minimalism is simple, but not easy. It's not done once, it's something that accompanies you all the time in your life.

Back to the future...