It's Saturday! I admit it, I feel like starting this with telling you about the current week day, I have no idea why. But let's start anyway.

As I already told, this week my or our challenge is a kind of social media detox, which requires me to drop the phone or any screen at 10 PM, so that there is some time before bed to calm down without the blue light of a screen.

I already noticed some benefit of that, even only after a few days. And I also got a negative confirmation of that on I think Thursday. We watched a movie, called I Am Mother (more about that movie later). It lasted until some minutes after 10 and we directly went to bed after it.

Compared to the days before my mind was racing, I could barely stay with a thought. I am not the best sleeper, I have a very light sleep. But this experience, only after some days of detoxing showed me that it is worth it.

Giving the brain some space, some margin to relax is a great thing. On the other hand I had the feeling that after consuming this movie my creativity was numbed. That I do not experience when I stay away from movies or series. When I give my brain margin and permission to wander around, like I do now, I could write for hours.

Back to the movie, I Am Mother.Although it wasn't really good, I liked the concept. Not the "artificial intelligence will all kill us, the concept of what would happen if an AI would raise children and teach them what's good and what's bad.

There was an experiment with a bot, that started with an open world view and access to the internet and after a few days it was a racist asshole and had to be shut down. Well, imagine that movie with a racist bot... Spoiler... It hated not only a part of humanity, it hated everything.

Back to the future...