After over 150 posts this days had to come... This daily blog ran into and identity crisis. It drank a lot of alcohol and asked itself for the sense of existence....

Ok, it didn't. I just needed an intro. In the past few days I thought a little bit about creativity and that I actually like the outcome of this blog a lot. But there is more than this blog and I also want to start another project.

So I sat on my ass and took piece of paper and wrote down all of my interests, which is a lot! I mean software development and self made soap, how does that fit together. And I used colors and different symbols and put lines between things and bla bla bla. I made a mindmap and put the headlines onto different blogs.

The outcome was a list of topics that will go here. Still there will be like everything but these kind of things I intentionally decided I will put here.

Just if you are curious, these were the topics that I will also include here.

  • Creativity
  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Veganism
  • Environment
  • Media (Books, Podcasts, Movies, ...)
  • Little Reviews of literally Stuff
  • DIY (Beard oil, ...)
  • Coffee
  • Writing
  • Apple Stuff
  • Fitness

And that means some work in front me as well. Still, this will be kept simple, but at least to have some kind of order and so on, I will tag my content a bit. At least some kind of order.

Plus, here is the mindmap:

Some part is hidden, that I will talk about when the time is right.

Back to the future...