When I thought about buying a car, I decided to buy a used one. I signed the contract somewhen at the beginning of December and picked up the car by the 21st of December 2018.

From deciding "I want that car" until that very date, I saw that model everywhere. Even the same configuration as I mine. And I am sure that at that time not more people drove an that car than usual. I just noticed it.

I had a clear picture of what I want in my head and so I focused more on the cars that were driving around and suddenly saw more of them. I had a manifestation of it in my had.

What I want to tell you with it?

When you want something, really bad, it doesn't become true only because you want it. No matter how bad you want it, it won't just happen. You still have to take the action on your own. In the end I signed that contract and paid for it. The car dealer didn't ring at my door wanting to make me a huge present.

BUT when you manifest something in your brain, a goal, a vision, you will have more focus towards this. Plus, it is easier to recognize opportunities that will help you get there.

Want a certain career? Manifest that version of yourself doing that job in your head. Imagine you doing that job; what does it require to do that job? What skills or contacts you need?

Picture it in front of you and you will be aware and will focus on the right opportunities.

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