The first of May, that's means a new challenge.

Last month was gluten-free and for me personally it was the month with the most failures. It came to some events where I had a beer with some people or things like that and it didn't even come to my mind that contains gluten.

But overall I have to say, I didn't miss a thing as today there are lots and lots of replacement products and bread can magically be made without any wheat.

To have a conclusion, yes, we/I will continue to do our best to stay gluten-free. For example when we are making pizza dough there will a gluten-free one. Baking bread, gluten-free and so on. But we won't stress out about it. Like going to an Italian restaurant, I want to have the good spaghettis.

So, lets get to the new thing... it's more or less a social media free + digital detox challenge, kind of. Here is what we are going to do:

  • no social media at all, not on the laptop, tablet or phone
  • no phone after 10 PM to 8 AM, except for Freeletics in the morning

I really have to say; I am looking forward to this challenge. Yes, I could reduce it without this challenge, but I like to have a little challenge and some kind of space for it.

And I should plan what I am going to do with this amount of free time... How about writing?

Back to the future...