Some days, or weeks, ago I deleted my Facebook account. The reasons are pretty simple: When I don't have it, I won't waste time and energy on it.

Well of course I have to write about what I miss. Here we go:

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Ok, not funny, I get it.

I actually don't miss a thing. Facebook for me was just a waste of time, I opened a new browser tab and forgot what I actually wanted to do and then my muscle memory typed in facebook.com + Enter. And the only effective way to get rid of that was to delete it entirely.

I am not active there, neither was I posting stuff or participating in groups, there are better platforms for that. The next thing is the privacy policy which just sucks, there is nothing to discuss about.

Personally I didn't get too much value from it and it only took my time and my data. That's not a fair or healthy relationship... Good bye, Facebook.

Back to the future...