It's Sunday!

Ok, let me telll you something that you maybe don't know. My girlfriend and I are sketching out every week on Sunday evening. It looks like this:

Drawn by hand, with exact measurements, it looks quite similar each week. In the mean time, I got it together.

On the top left goes the date. On the bottom of each day we write down, what we will cook on that evening (We are planning that upfront, so we only have to go grocery shopping once a week). Five days a week start with a workout for both of us, then the day job and after that what each of us planned for that certain day.

We have implemented daily themes, like margin, learning/reading, own-day, friends and so on... There is a lot of space on the tops, this we use either for something we want to focus on that week or just something we need to see each day (or just for some doodling ;)...).

It's a fun little thing that we put on the wall where we see it every day, so we are both on the same page what's going on the next week.

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