The eyes, or the perspective, of how you look at something controls everything about it.

Right now, the corona situation, is a great example of how the perspective can change everything.

For everybody around the world the situation changed, it's not a Germany or US-only gig, it's worldwide. We are all going through the same shit right now.

I have the "luck" to work in an IT job, right now there are no restrictions for me, I can do my work from home and the only thing is, I cannot go to restaurants or bars. And I shouldn't meet too much people. It could be worse. I can spend all day with my favorite person. I have more time now, to read, to learn something new, to take it slowly and spend more time in a moment, like writing this.

Now, I don't have that much of an issue with the rules. But what if I look at it another way?

I cannot go out! I cannot eat pizza! I have to cook on my own every day! I feel alone! I hate being with my family all the time! I feel left out...

Then the perspective becomes a different one. Try to change the perspective on how you look at life. It can make all the difference you need.

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