I am sitting in a park, distanstancing of course and enjoying a gluten-free beer, as this is our challenge for the month of April. The gluten-free thing, not the sitting in a park. Some people are walking around the park shaking their heads, complaining about the masses out here, although corona is happening. Do you sense what's wrong?

But that's not what I want to write about here. Let's talk about social media and this blog here.

It's a freaking 136 days, since I am publishing this little fucker. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes really just a few sentences. I did this mainly for two reasons:

  • Implementing a writing habit, by just doing it every day
  • replacing social media in some way

The first one is pretty obvious and boring, so let's talk about the second one.

I like to publish and talk about my opinion. But I also like to stay in control, of my data and my audience. And I also want to offer an non-intrusive way of reading my thoughts. And a blog is perfect for this.

I am in charge who places cookies here and spies on you. And guess what, no one is, I have a matomo (analytics software) installed on my own sever, but if you would look at the statistics of the statistics, you would notice I don't even look at them. I don't know who is reading this, except the people that talk to me personally, via email, or via twitter.

And I am not building an endless loophole where you can waste all of your precious time and energy.

Back to the future...