Productivity; methods, tools, gurus. The internet is full of them. That's good, everybody should have their own opinion. But what sucks is the fact that a ton of them is still trying to sell their methodologies as the own key ingredient for a productive life.

Some still sell a productive life as a task checking monster, e.g. as long as you tick off you are productive. For me some days mean not checking off any task, because I planned a free day. That wouldn't fit to quite some mindsets. Being productive while not ticking something off.

I already invested some time writing down my "system", but that's still to fixed to my style of working.

I want to publish a piece that works as a boilerplate for everybody but also give you the tools to figure out your own additions and make the system work for you personally. It's a mixture of mess and less. At least that's the name: mess with less. Productivity without any clutter, but also doing less and achieving more.

Ok, now I said it, now I have to do it ;)

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