When I started this whole minimalism things I got this book from my mother which was, if I remember right, divided in sections like

  • stuff
  • home
  • lifestyle(?)
  • cosmetics

And as a grown up full-bearded strong man, I thought, yeah, everything, but not cosmetics. I don't want to have anything to do with that.

Ok, long story short, I am there now. I am starting to do my own stuff. Not because I deeply care about that stuff, I am also greedy and don't want to pay these beard oil companies a ton of something that I can do better. Last but least, a really hefty reason for me, I don't want to throw stuff at me or our environment where I don't even know how to pronounce it.

The less ingredients something has, less shit can be hidden inside there. The first thing I now want to do on my own is beard oil. I bought some oils, the first arrived today and that alone I guess would be fine. But as it goes with coffee, I like to experiment.

When I found a beard oil that I like, I will continue with body and hair wash stuff. If you are looking at some commercials, every year they put some new magical ingredient in there, which solves all of your first world problems. Some of them are better found in a hardware store, yes I am talking about silicone.

Whne you follow these trends, you must ask yourself if they figured out for the next ten years, how they will poison us, to sell us the antidote in the next year. Do they maintain an excel sheet with chemicals they will put in there at least till 2030?

What a fucked economy we are living in... I will keep you posted!

Back to the future...