Yesterday sucked, in the evening I got such a headache like never before, I could barely write... I actually never take any pills, but yesterday nothing else helped. But enough of that.

I wanted to write about another topic; I am asking myself, how I can get to the point where I can unmute my phone, so that I only get messages I really care about and not get annoyed by it.

Email I will never unmute, simply because it's nothing I am in control of, everybody can write me an email, and I am still getting too much spam, which I am not willing to give any attention to.

For things like WhatsApp and Telegram I am close to how I want to have it. I am not getting messages every single day, and if, then I actually care about them. And everything is muted anyways, I can read that later.

I need some more time to tinker with that.

Back to the future...