Are you in home office? Or does your boss still doens't trust you?

Last week I went to the office to water the plants, because, yeah, basically someone has to. In the 5-floor building there are a lot of different companies, all of them are working on computers, but this building still was busy.

I am sure if I would now ask the managers for the WHY people still have to go to work, the answer would have to do either something with trust, productivity or just a dumb: "You cannot do our work remotely."

It's 2020, a ton of companies have proven, YES, it is possible to be entirely remote and just meet once every while.

The biggest problem I hear is trust and that trust has to "be built up". Sure, someone leaves their job, comes to your company and leaves a former step of their life behind and they have to first own your trust, really?

Trust can be lost, if someone really screws up and disappoints you in every way. But you cannot start a relationship with mistrust.

You also don't start a relationship with your boy or girlfriend and mistrust each other for the first 2 years. Why would you do in business?

If I don't trust someone from the beginning I wouldn't hire them. Period.

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