I fell for a April's joke today. The desktop system I used on Linux called Gnome pulled a joke that they would merge with KDE and it will be named Knome, well they got me. Here is the website for the joke, nice made: knome.org

This week we started preparing a weekly plan on paper and putting it up on the wall where we can see it at anytime. Besides that being really great, there was a planned slacking day for today; we watched some episodes of my favorite show "Silicon Valley", about guess what, a startup in the Bay area of San Fransisco.

And yes, it is hard for me and probably also hard for you, but it's fine to take some time of and have margin in your life. I did some programming after work today, while my girlfriend was cooking, but the rest of the evening we spend together without working or "improving" or such things.

Accept it, it's ok to suck for a day ;)

Back to the future...