What a lazy Sunday. We baked cookies, or at least I ate them and watched a couple of episodes of Silicon Valley.

Plus, I had on my plan to figure out a system on how to track the growth of a team. I have to say I am pretty happy with the first version.

If you are implementing changes anywhere, you should always have an instrument on how to measure it. By numbers going up or down. Otherwise you are just guessing.

At the same time I also recognized, I need to organize my written down stuff in a better way. For every day, I am having one note, that contains the date, the things that need to be done, and the things that have been done. The todos, are either already in my task management, or will go there. And there I write down the stuff that is happening throughout the day or the things that I am observing.

With the happenings, I don't have an issue, these are things that usually land in tickets, todos or just in a report. With the observation, I am still struggling a bit. They should be come action items in some way. I should do something about it.

Back to the future...